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Banding projects to study migratory shorebirds that make epic hemispheric journeys have been underway since the mid 1990's. In recent years, the birds have been tagged with engraved markers allowing identification of individuals with spotting scopes. The combination of banding and resighting data allows greater understanding of the habitat uses and needs by imperiled species. With this understanding comes the hope of achieving the protective actions required to halt, and even reverse, the population decline exhibited by many shorebird species.

Your resighting observations count! Each report adds significantly to a greater understanding of the critical habitat needs of different species throughout their migratory routes. Resightings help determine the habitats most frequented and may lead to discovery of other as yet unknown important sites being used by shorebirds. These reports are added directly to the ongoing database. So thanks for taking the time and effort to report your observations.

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Clear into the Future: a DuPont Delaware Estuary Initiative is an ongoing commitment to maintain and improve the Delaware River Estuary. The initiative focuses on using DuPont science, volunteerism, education and special projects to help preserve and protect the estuary. To learn more about "Clear into the Future", go to www.clearintothefuture.com.

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

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